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Want to travel to Africa and get close up and personal with a lion, hippo or elephant?

For a large number of people, the biggest thrill of any visit to Africa is the wildlife safari encounter.

First day in an African Game Park and their sole vision becomes to spot the ‘Big Five’ – lion, elephant, rhino, leopard along with buffalo. Roll after roll of film (or digital picture cards) will be sacrificed in the search for the ideal photo, fortunately the only kind of ‘shot’ allowed these days is from a camera.

South Africa is certainly a veritable “world within one particular country” with a rolling panorama of exotic forests, lush green pastures, rugged mountain tops, golden beaches, arid deserts and also perhaps the most stunning wildlife on earth.

Right now there is definitely much more to see in South Africa than wildlife. The famous Wine-lands for example, is home to a few genuinely tasty reds…and they more than compare to our high quality wines from New Zealand.

Close by is actually the Garden Route, operating parallel to a coastline of lakes, mountain tops, golden beaches and dense native forests. Excellent for fishing, hiking and doing water activities, it’s actually a lovely location in South Africa that’s not to be missed

And after that of course there’s the way of life. When travelling to South Africa the strategy should be to include as many sights as possible.

Africa Travel: Seasonal Travel

The preferred time to visit South Africa is May to August.  Throughout the dry winter season the animals congregates all around the waterholes. During the daytime temperatures are around twenty five degrees, falling to around five degrees at night time.

Numerous South Africans take their own yearly holidays in summer, with waves of holiday-makers streaming out of the cities from mid-December to late January. Also, as well as during the other school holidays, resorts and national parks are usually heavily booked and rates on the coast can easily more than multiply by two.

Highlighting both the first and third worlds in a free-market economy, right now there tend to be numerous irresistible offers for shoppers, whether it is a gold or diamond bracelet coming from the stylish Waterfront in Cape Town, or a soapstone statue from a pavement hawker.

And that is the nature of South Africa…there is something for absolutely everyone!

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