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Looking for inspiration and adventure? Then be sure to visit Zambia on your Africa travel experience. This vast, sprawling country of nearly 750,000 square kilometres is to the north of the Zambezi River from which it takes its name.

Due to the arbitrary nature of the boundaries drawn when it sported the atlas-pink blush of British colonialism, Zambia has been described both as a lopsided butterfly and the head and haunches of a horse, flitting or prancing (take your pick) across the central African plateau.

The relatively small and predominantly urbanised population of 7 million has meant that immense areas of wilderness have been left unsullied and look very much as they might have done when the missionary Dr Livingstone chose Zambia as his favourite stomping ground in the mid nineteenth century.

As a result Zambia now has19 National Parks and a myriad of Game Management areas many larger than entire European nations. In all 32% of the country has been preserved as wildlife estate, an astounding acreage even for the most environmentally conscious of countries.

Africa Travel: Tourism to Zambia

Tourism to Zambia has been the territory of the cognoscenti up until now.

Those in the know, maybe with a colonial relative or a friend of a friend tentatively passed on the secret of this little known African jewel and a slow trickle of tourists returned home to lyricise about the rare beauty and abundant wildlife they had witnessed.

The facilities were quite rustic but the experience was five star.

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